New Year - New Rig

A E Yates Trenchless Solutions Ltd has recently purchased a new Guided Auger Rig from Herrenknecht . The new Auger Drill BM 400LSC is capable of installing pipes of up to a maximum of 900 OD and comes with a front steer head. The new rig is soon to be deployed to our Colchester job. more

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New Server

The A E Yates Group have installed a dual storage area network with redundant Vmware virtual servers and redundant storage backed with an industry leading Cisco switching infrastructure. The site hardware consists of one physical server and one storage array. Vmware is split into virtual servers which can be used for file shares, exchange email, SQL and other services. The main benefits of Vmware are: the ablility to create many servers on one piece of server hardware more efficient use of resources ability to move servers from one piece of hardware to another more

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Works Update for New Year

M191 Portsmouth. The auger bore crossings at the UTX, Amberley Road and Covers yard were completed during December 2013. We are currently snagging and expect to demobilise during the first week of January 2014. M192 Outwood to Buckland The 6 No micro tunnels and 2 No auger bore crossings were completed during December 2013. Extraction of the piles is ongoing following insertion of the carrier pipes (by our client) and backfilling of the shafts. M195 Willow Burn. The Works were handed over to a delighted Client on 13 December 2013. more

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AEYTS does it again!

A E Yates Trenchless Solutions Ltd are please to report a zero RIDDOR record in 2013 , the third successive year . RIDDOR is an acronym for the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 2013 . Under these Regs, AEYTS as employer are legally required to report certain accidents or incidents to the relevant Government Enforcement Agency , usually the Health & Safety Executive. The current Regs require employers to report Fatalities, Major Injuries (such as fractures) and any work related injury that results in an absence of over more

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