Directional Drilling South - Update

DB280 Kersey Following the completion of compound and welfare and road closure in place, work has begun on Anglian Water/BBUSL scheme involving 2.5km of 225mm to be installed by horizontal directional drilling , all connections, jointing and testing. Despite the arctic conditions, which have resulted in suspension of butt fusion welding for two days as temperatures remained below -5c, the first 132mm of pipe was placed in the ground. DB279 Long Melford Working on an Anglian Water scheme for BBUSL , the first 100m sleeve of more

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Directional Drilling works for Anglian Water

A E Yates Trenchless Solutions Ltd have just completed 2No directional drilling crossings installing a 225mm transfer watermain from a clean water borehole at Sheringham in Norfolk. The contract, for Anglian Water consisted of a 60m drill to navigate a difficult road crossing where conventional open-cut methods would have meant a full road closure. The next drill of 120m was carried out from within the Anglian Water Borehole site crossing, a small brook and then through woodland to connect onto the new main which had been installed up to the more

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New Year Works Update

M184 - Kinross The modifications to the existing shaft and the construction of a new 4 metre diameter shaft were completed before the Christmas holidays. M185 - Crosby Installation of pipes using the Iseki TBM was complete before the Christmas holiday period. We are currently completing a CCTV survey and making the final connections inside the manholes. We will be fully demobilised from site before 18 January 2013. M187 - Welton Avenue Auger boring along Old Greasby Road from MH3 to MH4 to MH5 to MH6 more

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