Microtunnelling Update

On site at Walbottle , sinking of the 10m diameter shaft has restarted and is expected to reach final depth next week. A sheet piled coffer dam will be constructed at the north portal this week; this will provide protection for the workforce whilst the culvert is repaired. One of the buildings within the adjoining site (Dunelm) was demolished last week. At Crosby in Liverpool, the installation of glass fibre drainage pipes from manhole No 4 to manhole 5 is complete. A new shaft (manhole 6) has been more

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Taunton Canal and River Drill

A E Yates Trenchless Solutions recently undertook a vital drill in completion of a much larger scheme for BBUSL and their client Western Power Distribution. The installation of 2No 180mm electric cable ducts, 140metres long under the Taunton Canal and River Tone was the final connection in a new cable route through Taunton, linking a major new development with a suitable electric supply. Prior to commencement of the works, AEY TS undertook a series of boreholes to determine the ground conditions under the river and canal. In order to satisfy British Waterways, the more

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HDD works at Rotherham

AEYTS have just completed a Directional Drill installation of 250mm gas main under New Wortley Road in Rotherham for National Grid on the M1 Corridor Gas Alliance. AEY TS were involved during the planning stages including advising on depths and alignment to avoid existing utilities in close proximity. Ground conditions for the drill consisted mainly of stiff clay with approximately 1m of made ground (including old road surface) on either side of the crossing. An estimate of 2 shifts to carry out the works was adhered to with the actual drilling works including more

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Update at Holton Heath

After encountering numerous technical difficulties during the past couple of weeks the DD140 drill rig has completed piloting under the extremely environmentally sensitive RAMSAR area of heath land between pit 17 to pit 12. We look forward to reaming and pulling pipe without quite so many problems! The D50 drill rig has completed reaming from pit 24 to pit 27 and is now preparing to pull pipe. With drilling still outstanding between pits 17 and 21, the end of a very difficult job is now just appearing on the horizon! more

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Flooding at Newburn

The 10 1/2m diameter shaft has been constructed approx 6m below ground level (which is approx 3m from the crown of the culvert). Following heavy rain on 11th October the area upstream of the north portal has flooded (again). To minimise damage to the culvert, the shaft has been partially flooded to equalise the water pressure in the shaft and culvert. The flood water will be pumped from the upstream area over the weekend and shaft sinking towards the blockage in the culvert will then continue. more

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Hot Stuff

AEYTS have just completed the installation of their first ever Heat Pump Harvesting Grid at Morley Retreat near Derby. The project involved the HDD installation of approximately 2000 metres of 50mm and 32mm MDPE harvesting pipe within the wall garden at Morley Retreat. HDD was the preferred option of installation as it vastly reduced the amount of excavation and reinstatement and caused less disruption. more

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M1 Corridor Gas Alliance Works

AEYTS have just completed pipe bursting work in Kettering under our framework agreement for gas installations on the M1 Corridor Gas Alliance . Working with Amec and National Grid, AEYTS provide both Pipe Bursting and Horizontal Directional Drilling services across the Alliance Region. Over the last 6 weeks we have completed 3No Pipe Bursting schemes and have also been awarded a 50m x 250mm Directional Drill Road crossing in Rotherham. more

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