A E Yates Trenchles Soltions Ltd is proud of our commitment to achieve the highest levels of performance, capabilities, environmental, quality and especially all aspects of Health and Safety. Over the years we have won numerous awards, below is a selection attend in recognition of our performance.

Experienced Team working at Harwood Brook

Environment Agency - Project Excellence Awards 2011-2012 (Innovation Category)

A E Yates Trenchless Solutions Ltd has applied to the EA to be considered for their shortlist for the above mentioned award The project consisted of a repair to an existing surface water culvert in Harwood Brook, Great Harwood, Lancashire.

The project at Harwood Brook required A E Yates Trenchless Solutions experienced team to overcome the following issues:

- Sustainability
- Environmentally friendly
- Commercial viability
- Very restricted access
- Live flows
- Deep access shaft
- Insecure existing structure
- Small working area
- Durability of the finished works

We await to hear if we have been successfully added to their shortlist, come April of this year.- Unfortunately we were not shortlisted this year but we endeavour to keep environmental issues within our projects a very high priority.

More details regarding this challenging project can be found under Microtunnelling Projects

JN Bentley Subcontractors Performance Award 2010.

Subcontractor Performance Award 2010

A E Yates Trenchless Solutions Ltd were delighted to have been awarded the Subcontractor Performance Award 2010 by JN Bentley as one for their top 25 suppliers of the year.

JN Bentley used over 450 subcontract suppliers in 2009 and conducted 1,869 performance reports, to arrive at their results. Bentleys project team applied a simple weighted scoring system, 1 = excellent, 2.75 = acceptable and 5 = poor. A E Yates Trenchless Solutions Ltd were proud to have achieved a score of 1.23 in recognition of our contract in Spenborough WwTW near Heckmondwike in Yorkshire.

JN Bentley played host to our elite guided auger team just before the Christmas break. Construction time was very limited, therefore understanding our client's requirements and working closely with all concerned was vitally important, both before and during the works on site. The accurate planning, programming and detailing of the works proved worthwhile as within six days we had set up, installed 45m of DN450 pipe and cleared all our resources from site. The pipe was installed to the exacting standards of our client and passed all the required tests.

The picture shows David Atkinson (Contracts Director) congratulating Andy Muldoon and his team for their sterling performance at Spenborough.

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