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A E Yates Ltd started tunnelling in the early 1980s primarily to service its works for the water companies who were then undertaking online replacement of inadequate sewers. Initialy the works were hand excavated ring tunnels and pipejacks with the occasional heading. A E Yates bought their first mechanised system in 1990 (an Iseki Unclemole TCC 1450) as an alternative to compressed air work on a contract they had obtained in running sand. The amount and range of A E Yates' tunnelling works steadily increasd until, in 1995, the tunnelling works were separated from Civil Engineering with the formation of A E Yates Microtunnelling Ltd

Microtunnelling Development

A E Yates Microtunnelling expanded as a microtunnelling contractor adding Herrenknecht and Soltau TBMs to the original (and two subsequent) Iseki. In 2000-2001 A E Yates undertook the Kelvin Valley and Bishopbriggs tunnelling contract totalling approx 7000m of 1500mm id pipejack in rock.

When Microtunnelling was formed the name reflected what the company mainly did but, as the market changed to include more crossings for utilities rather than the sewerage that had previously dominated the market, other types of Trenchless works were undertaken. These other types of trenchless works, in particular directional drilling and guided auger boring, meant that we did so much more than just microtunnelling and the name was changed to A E Yates Trenchless Solutions Ltd in 2004 to more accurately reflect the types of work carried out.

Trenchless Solutions to Client Needs

A E Yates Trenchless Solutions Ltd were the first UK company to incorporate "Trenchless Solutions" in their title to reflect the wide range of solutions offered and that they were offering a solution their client rather than contracting to build something that the client specified.

A E Yates Trenchless Solutions are now in a position to offer virtually any type of solution to a client who needs to put a pipe or duct under an obstruction. We aim to offer the correct technical trenchless solution which is environmentally sustainable at the most cost effective price, thus providing the right solution and value for all situations.

Our mechanised fleet has expanded to seven slurry TBMs, four open face TBMs, guided auger systems and eight HDD rigs.

We are ever mindful of our obligations to the environment, as well as our clients, and we are accredited to, and operate sytems compatable with ISO 9001, ISO14001 and ISO18001.

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About A E Yates Trenchless SolutionsAbout AE Yates Trenchless Solutions

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