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A E Yates Trenchless Solutions Ltd probably have the largest range of trenchless equipment within the UK and Eire. With this extensive range of in-house equipment coupled to a highly trained and experienced workforce we have completed an unrivalled portfolio of projects, safely, in all types of ground under motorways, roads, railways, rivers, canals and estuaries as well as the more mundane hill or stretch of bad ground that cannot be crossed in open cut.

Trenchless Skills & Equipment

We have the skills and equipment in underground construction from Horizontal Directional Drilling, Guided Auger Boring, Microtunnelling with both slurry TBM's and pipejacking using open face 'backacter' machines and Akkerman TBM's, to pipe bursting. This allows us to install anything from a 25mm pipe or duct to a 2.0m tunnel all with our own equipment and by a range of different methods.

This wide range of techniques means that we at A E Yates Trenchless Solutions can offer the most cost effective solution to your problem and not just the one that suits our particular equipment.

To enhance our "one stop" principal for trenchless construction we also construct the shafts, pits, cofferdams etc required by many of our systems of work, or as stand alone items from 3.0m caissons to 20m+ storage shafts to piled cofferdams.

We also undertake any ancillary civil engineering works related to the Trenchless package so that you can have a true "one stop shop"

Trenchless Solutions - The Cost Effective, Green Alternative to Open Cut

At A E Yates Trenchless Solutions our methods provide a cost effective, safe, environmentally sustainable alternative to open cut construction. Trenchless construction reduces construction impact to the public and the environment by eliminating or mitigating traffic disruption and public nuisance due to dust and noise. Construction traffic is greatly reduced as trenchless construction reduces material importation handling, and removal of excavated spoil. Carbon emissions are reduced by up to 90% set against open cut for a like for like scheme.

A trenchless solution also has the added benefit of reducing the disturbance of the existing road surface to a minimum, thus helping to maintain its designed life span.

Our technical knowledge and fleet of equipment means that you will always receive the complete trenchless solution package backed by a skilled and highly experienced workforce.

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A. E. Yates Trenchless Solutions Ltd


  • Blind Augering
  • Curved Tunnell
  • HDD Drilling in rural areas
  • HDD Drilling
  • HDD Local Works
  • HDD Major Carriageway
  • HDD Steel Pipe Pull
  • HDD Tracking Landscape
  • Herrenknecht 1500 S Tunnelling Machine
  • Large Launch Pit River Crossing
  • Tunnell machine Head Arrival
  • Tunnelling Launch City Centre
  • Tunnelling Shafts
  • Tunnelling in Tight Locations
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About Trenchless Solutions

Since 2004 A E Yates Trenchless Solutions Ltd has been operating one of the largest fleets of Trenchless technology and has a vast portfolio of successful contracts undertaken.

About A E Yates Trenchless Solutions

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