C250 - Kelvin Valley Sewer, Stage 2 Phase 3

Scottish Water (Formerly West of Scotland Water)

Major tunnel within the 130m Kelvin Valley Wastewater Improvement Project.


Contract details

5500m of 1500 & 1800mm diameter tunnel sewer through coal measure rocks, glacial drift and alluvial deposits to allow the closure of 2 No. WwTW's, and to divert the flows into the new Kelvin Valley Sewerage System. Three of our closed face tunnelling systems were used for the drives, two Herrenknecht AVN 1500'T's and an AVN 1800'D' slurry systems, as well as our open-face 1500mm ID Akerman Drum-digger TBM. 35 No. associated shafts were constructed, varying in diameter from 6 to 10m and up to 30 m in depth.


Study Project Date  
C750 - Sankey Brook UID's, Warrington 21/10/2013
C673 - Blackburn Town Centre UID's 01/11/2012
C627 - Accrington Tank UID 01/08/2011
C521 - Flood Alleviation Works, Llanrwst, North Wales 01/09/2009
C526 - Leigh & Glazebury WwTW Storm Tanks 01/03/2008
C507 - New Brighton Pumping Station & UID, Wirral 01/11/2007
C481 - M60 Petrol Interceptor (CMF Framework) 01/04/2007
C442 - Culvert Rehabilitation Scheme at Higher Dunscar, Bolton 01/06/2006
C457 - Replacement of Swaythling to Bitterne Water Main, Southampton 01/04/2006
C410 - Hoylake UID's, AMP3 Year 5 01/09/2005
C426 - Minewater Treatment Facility at Hockery Brook 01/08/2004
C375 - Croal UID's - Thompson Road Pumped Storage Tanks 01/04/2004
C372 - Runcorn UID's - ICI Saltworks Pumping Station & CSO 01/02/2004
C250 - Kelvin Valley Sewer, Stage 2 Phase 3 01/06/2001

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