C478 - Paperhouse Footbridge Replacement, Norden, Rochdale

Rochdale MBC

Replacement of a footbridge over the Mill Croft Brook in a secluded wooded area popular with walkers.


stress laminated timber footbridge

Access & accommodation works to a remote site, construction of RC bank seats, construction of an 18m span novel new 'stress laminated timber' footbridge over a major watercourse in an amenity area, footway enhancements, landscaping & finishes. Supports for diverted HV cable under the completed bridge, removal of old temporary supporting structure and fencing.

Study Project Date  
C625 - Mini Hydro Electricity Scheme in Bainbridge, North Yorkshire 01/02/2011
C478 - Paperhouse Footbridge Replacement, Norden, Rochdale 01/06/2006
C292 - Rochdale Canal Restoration 01/03/2002
C271 - Piccadilly Basin Marina & Canal Renovation, Rochdale Canal, Manchester 01/09/2000

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