C292 - Rochdale Canal Restoration

British Waterways

Part of a 27m scheme to re-open the disused Rochdale Canal.


demolition & reconstruction

Staged demolition of the ex-culvert and reconstruction of Smithy Bridge over the Rochdale Canal.

At Ben Healey, the works included the realignment of the road and construction of a major new bridge over the canal. Numerous service diversions and extensive PR was required at each location, as was dealing with canal flows, full carriageway construction, new parapets, training walls, etc.

At Smithy Bridge a temporary footbridge over the canal and around the works was required to maintain access to the area for pedestrians.

Study Project Date  
C625 - Mini Hydro Electricity Scheme in Bainbridge, North Yorkshire 01/02/2011
C478 - Paperhouse Footbridge Replacement, Norden, Rochdale 01/06/2006
C292 - Rochdale Canal Restoration 01/03/2002
C271 - Piccadilly Basin Marina & Canal Renovation, Rochdale Canal, Manchester 01/09/2000

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