C846 - Ovenden Wind Farm, Halifax

Yorkshire Windpower Ltd.

Decommissioning & dismantling of 22No. Wind Turbines


The works entailed the decommissioning and dismantling of 22No WD34-400kW turbines including their associated electrical components, and their replacement with 9 No Gamesa G80 2.0MW turbines with hub heights of 67m. The works included the turbine foundation construction each comprising of 40tnes of re-bar and 350m3 concrete, the up-grading of over 2500m of existing road infrastructure and the installation as “floating roads” of 1500m of new road, the formation of 9 No crane hardstandings at 1250m2, all electrical infrastructure and a 1600m2 sub-station and control room. The works were undertaken on a peat bog area where environmental and ecological issues were at the forefront, and included the removal of over 5000m3 of peat from beneath the turbine foundations and its replacement with engineered fill.

Study Project Date  
C886 - Tormeywheel Windfarm, Levenseat by Forth, Lanark 29/03/2016
C846 - Ovenden Wind Farm, Halifax 26/05/2015
C841 - Wairds of Alpity Wind Turbine, Arbuthnott, Aberdeenshire 20/04/2015
C842 - Midtown of Glass Wind Turbine, Nr Drummuir, Huntly, Aberdeenshire 20/04/2015

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