A E Yates Ltd have undertaken works contracts under traditional tendering arrangements, Term Contracts and long term 'Strategic Partnering Frameworks'.

A E Yates are fully committed to the promotion of Partnering & co-operative working with our Clients, Consultants and our Key Suppliers and fully support the goals of the Latham & Egan Reports on improving the UK Construction Industry.

A E Yates believe that we have always gone to work in a co-operative manner, working with our Clients to successfully deliver a quality project on time and to budget.

If you require further information please call 01204 696175 or contact us online.

Current & previous Partnering Frameworks include:

Bolton Council


2014 to 2019.
Three Strategic Framework Contracts - Client and Contractor working together to deliver high quality, value added projects through co-operation and ECI.

Lot 1 - General Civil Engineering to £500k

Lot 3 - Highway Works to £2m

Lot 4 - Bridges & Highway Structures to £1.5m

2005 to 2012.
Two Strategic Partnering Agreements - Major Highways (£400k to £2m) & Highway Structures (to £2m)

2001 to 2005.
Two Strategic Partnering Agreements - Major Highways & Highway Structures. Schemes awarded with individual values to £1.7m

Environment Agency


2018 to 2020. (with 1 x 2 yaer and 1 x 1 year options to 2023)
Flood and Coastal Risk Management (FCRM) Operational Framework, North Hub - Lot 1 Minor Civil Eng. Services 
Early Contractor Involvement, Minor Civil Engineering Projects to £250k+ and Emergency / Incident Response.  Lot 1 of the FCRM Framework covers the EA’s geographical areas of North East (NEA – Area 1), Cumbria and Lancashire (CLA – Area 2), Yorkshire (YOR – Area 3) and Greater Manchester, Merseyside and Cheshire (GMC – Area 4).  This framework is also be open for use by the Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), and to its associated bodies including any Agencies and non-departmental public bodies.

2013 to 2018.
Northern Minor Works Framework
- One of eight contractors chosen to enter into a framework for the construction and maintenance of Minor Civil Engineering Projects across the whole of Northern England (Cumbria, Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Merseyside, Cheshire, parts of Derbyshire, Durham, Northumberland and Yorkshire), with project values to £500k. The estimated total value of purchases for the entire duration of the Framework Agreement is £30m. The MWF is available to other Risk Management Authorities (RMAs) and DEFRA bodies, including local authorities and internal drainage boards. The framework is also available to the Welsh Government.

2009 to 2012.
Minor Works Partnering Framework with the Environment Agency for works up to £500k on the Flood Prevention and Capital Asset Programme

2004 to 2009.
Minor Works Partnering Framework with the EA NW for works up to £300k on the Flood Prevention and Capital Asset Programme

Transport for Greater Manchester


2011 to 2015 - Carriageway Replacements & Repairs Framework.

Framework Agreement following pre-qualification and tender processes for carriageway replacements and repairs at TfGM facilities throughout Greater Manchester to £1m.

Highways Agency


2002 to 2010.
Highways Agency 4 Year (with 4 Year extension) Strategic Partnering Framework Agreement, 'CM Framework Contract (CMF) for HA Area 10', General Civils Specialist on Roads & Structures between 250k and 8m.

2000 to 2002.
'Strategic Partnering Agreement', General Civil Specialist under the 'Construction Management Pilot 2' scheme. Schemes to 5m.

United Utilities


2002 to 2005.
'Strategic Tier 1 Agreement' with 'Southern Framework' (Galliford-Costain JV, United Utilities & MWH) for the UID & Sewerage programme in Cheshire and the Wirral under ECC Option 'C' form of contract. 14 No UID / Sewerage Contracts with individual values to 3.2m were delivered by AEY

Knowsley Council Logo


2014 to 2016
Highway Construction Schemes Framework Agreement - General Highway schemes valued between £20k and £500k, although these figures are only a guide and the framework contract may be used to procure schemes outside of this range.


North Yorkshire County Council Logo


2012 to 2016 (Civil Engineering Frameworks).
Several Lots covering Civil Engineering Infrastructure - Highways (to 3.927m), Footbridges (to 200k) and Bridges (to 3.927m). July 2012 to July 2016 (3+1). Works orders placed following mini-bid tenders.

Highways England Logo


2017 to 2021

'Construction Works Framework' (CWF) - Area 13 (Cumbria & Lancashire) Lot 5a - General Civil Engineering.

One of 3 contractors awarded a CWF Lot 5a Framework to undertake approx £60m worth of general civils work over 4 years.   Lot 5a General Civils Works include; Drainage, Earthworks, Signs & Posts, Ducting, Kerbing, Modular Paving, Site Clearance, Structural Steelwork, Bridgeworks, Piling, Fencing and Demolition.

Manchester City Council


2017 to 2021

Highways & Infrastructure Works Framework

Construction and D&C of Highways, Highway Structures, Bridges and Infrastructure Works throughout Greater Manchester.  The Frameworks can be used by all Association of Greater Manchester Authorities (AGMA), its associate members and Manchester Partners.

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