C802 - Tesco Litherland Swing Bridge, Liverpool

Vinci Construction UK Ltd.

Construction of a foot swing bridge over the Leeds Liverpool Canal


An existing foot/pipe bridge over the canal had been closed for many years and pedestrian access to the A5036 and Tesco was via a RC ramp and footbridge.  The works involved; dewatering the canal using temporary dams, open-cut service ducts crossing the canal for a water main and HV cables, hardcore causeway for temporary access across the canal for operatives and equipment, foundations for the new swing footbridge in CFA piles and RC works together with reinforcement of the canal banks in RC.  Demolition of the existing steel foot/pipe bridge.  Erection of the new fabricated swing bridge on the new foundations.  Demolition of RC ramp and footbridge.  Construction of towpaths, footways and canal moorings in high quality materials.

Study Project Date  
C809 - Crescent Meadows University Footbridge Refurbishment, Salford 24/11/2014
C802 - Tesco Litherland Swing Bridge, Liverpool 03/11/2014
C746 - Footbridge over B7066, Salsburgh near Shotts 07/10/2013
C748 - Valley Bridge Parapet Refurbishments, Scarborough 09/09/2013
C598 - Holford Gas Storage Project - Phase 2 Civils Works 01/08/2010
C524 - Remedial Works & Repairs to St. Martins Way, Chester 01/12/2007
C443 - Household Waste Recycling Centre, Ellesmere Port 01/02/2006
C429 - Crook O'Lune West Viaduct Restoration, Caton near Lancaster 01/09/2005

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