C524 - Remedial Works & Repairs to St. Martins Way, Chester

Cheshire County Council

Remedial works & repairs to the elevated St. Martins Way dual carriageway in central Chester.


Waterproofing & Resurfacing

Removal of existing central reserve concrete barriers and lighting columns, replace with continuous cast in-situ RC barrier.

Re-waterproofing and resurfacing of viaduct carriageway. New steel parapets to Princess Street underpass. Works at height over roads, railway & canal. Extensive Traffic Management.

Study Project Date  
C809 - Crescent Meadows University Footbridge Refurbishment, Salford 24/11/2014
C802 - Tesco Litherland Swing Bridge, Liverpool 03/11/2014
C746 - Footbridge over B7066, Salsburgh near Shotts 07/10/2013
C748 - Valley Bridge Parapet Refurbishments, Scarborough 09/09/2013
C598 - Holford Gas Storage Project - Phase 2 Civils Works 01/08/2010
C524 - Remedial Works & Repairs to St. Martins Way, Chester 01/12/2007
C443 - Household Waste Recycling Centre, Ellesmere Port 01/02/2006
C429 - Crook O'Lune West Viaduct Restoration, Caton near Lancaster 01/09/2005

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